All the people who helped us get this far.

So long and thanks for all the cash!

The following people and organisations have very kindly donated money and/or servces to allow us to go on our big adventure, but more importantly all the cash is going to good causes.




Archibald Smarm

"The Squashed Fairy"

Tracy's Mam & Dad

'Naked' Joe 

Glenda Lawlor

Micko - the tea makin' machine

Darragh 'The Beard' Butler

Gordon's Mum & Dad 

Ninja Lindquist (Well, she's not really a Ninja, it's just her name) 


Trevor "flippin' annoying" Holmes (and Orla too)

Darren - the guy who sold me the car

'Super' Hans




I heartily endorse the following products or services:


Inntel - not the computer company the hotel booking agency, they're great! They do the hard work arranging conferences, hotels and all that jazz for you, while you can sit back and be lazy! Check them out at


Rathgar Motor Factors Ltd.,  Rathgar, Dublin - Very friendly, helpful and close to where I live. They rock.         (Tel. 01 490 9550)


Martin Lynch Motors, Rathgar Dublin  - Superb bunch of guys - and they didn't even laugh when they saw the car and I told them what it was for.    (01 490 6257)


Thanks again, to everyone.

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